Ralph De Palma Twister

Ralph De Palma – The fastest man in the world


Raffaele “Ralph” De Palma was born in Biccari, a small city near Foggia in the South of Italy in 1882 and emigrated to the United States in 1893. Almost unknown in Italy, De Palma is an absolute star of the world automotive firmament for the incredible number of races won overall career, 2,557 out of 2,889 played; no one in the history of sport has ever done better than him. We will follow the long journey of his life, starting from his childhood in a small village in Puglia, until his transfer to the United States; The transition from the peasant civilization of the early 1900s to that of a large metropolis projected into the future. The dreams of a poor child who leaves his mother and his land to seek his fortune overseas will come true on the circuits where his car will force every opponent to eat his dust.


Antonio Silvestre


February 14, 2021